A Look At The Top Wallpaper Trends

Wallpaper seems to be experiencing something of a resurgence in home decor, and with so many quirky and beautiful designs to choose from, it’s little wonder that it’s gaining popularity.

Gulf New recently highlighted some of the top wallpaper trends to emerge this year in its Design Diary, with everything from Amazonian prints to metallic designs making the list.

Tropical prints are particularly popular at the moment, with the newspaper noting that this is further evidenced in Pantone’s colour of the year, which is green. One of the keys to getting this look right is to get a good contrast between a vibrant foreground print and paler backdrop.

Another wallpaper trend to watch is that of ink and watercolour prints. According to the newspaper they “pack a strong design punch”, which makes them a great choice if you’re looking to make a statement on an accent wall.

Minerals and metals were also highlighted as a wallpaper design trend, with metallic patterns a great way to add some opulence to an interior. If you’d rather go down the minerals route, check out the stunning crystal wallpapers showcased by the Metro recently.

You should also be looking to use patterns with depth, according to Gulf News. “If it’s a graphic print or image that you’re after, invest in designs that project distinct depth,” the newspaper stated.

Of course, hanging wallpaper can be a challenge  and that’s only amplified if it’s got a distinct pattern that needs to be precisely matched. Hire painters and decorators in Cardiff to make sure you get a professional look that you’ll be happy to show off.

Top New Interior Trends Revealed

If you’re planning any kind of home decorating project over the coming months – whether on your own or by hiring painters and decorators in Cardiff – you may want to consider some of the interior design trends recently highlighted by the Independent.

The newspaper spoke to a number of top interior designers to get their top tips on what’s going to be hot in the world of interior design over the coming months.

Top of the list is metallics, with the likes of gold, rose gold and silver maintaining their popularity. However, Katharine Pooley, an award-winning British designer, thinks that nickel and metals with a more industrial feel are going to become firm favourites.

When it comes to colours, there’s going to be a strong natural influence, according to London interior designer Jo Hamilton.

She suggested that shades of natural terracotta, greys, greens and muted blues will be popular going into 2018, as well as “woody tones”.

That doesn’t just stop with the paintwork though, as she added that “natural hand-baked tiles with geometric patterns” will also be on-trend in the coming months.

Making your fireplace, if you’re lucky enough to have one, into a feature of the room is another top tip from the designers.

Kelly Hoppen told the publication that people are looking for a more unique type of fireplace – metal inlays and interesting shapes are the order of the day when it comes to this kind of feature, she added.

Last month, one creative director told the Daily Mail that small touches can make a big difference to the appearance of a room, particularly in new-build properties that often lack character. Adding some colour through cushions, curtains or even a feature wall was one of the pieces of advice, as well as putting photos on the walls to bring personality to a room.

Make A Statement With Crystal Wallpaper

If you’re planning to do some redecorating in the coming months and you really want to add the wow factor to a particular room, then crystal wallpaper could be what you’re looking for.

The Metro recently highlighted the incredible home decor option, which is available through Murals Wallpaper. It essentially transforms your wall into a stunning cross-section of a crystal and within the collection there are plenty of stones to choose from, including rose quartz and jade.

The swirling mineral patterns are really quite mesmerising and with so many different crystals to choose from, there’s something for every home.

Of course, this kind of wallpaper needs to be hung with absolute precision – even a millimetre out will ruin the whole effect as the pattern that creates your crystal won’t match up. If you’re not sure that your wallpapering skills are up to the task, it could be worth hiring decorators in Cardiff to ensure the finished result is truly spectacular.

It seems a growing number of us are considering hanging new wallpaper this year, and we’re not shy when it comes to colours or patterns.

Earlier this month, Dezeen highlighted the Pinterest trend report, which noted that watercolour patterned wallpaper has seen a surge in popularity. The website said that engagement for watercolour wallpaper had climbed by 248 per cent in the past year.

Other interior trends singled out by Pinterest include green kitchen tiles, more plants in bathrooms and a return to some 70s design choices, like shag rugs and peacock chairs.

Top 10 Home Improvement Projects Revealed!

There’s nothing quite like getting Cardiff painting and decorating teams in to give your house a new lease of life, is there? And if this is something of a top priority for you this year but you can’t decide what project to start first, the most popular home improvements have just been revealed to help give you a few good ideas.

A new Gocompare.com study has found that new bathrooms, new kitchens, new boilers or central heating systems, garden makeovers, new double glazing, extensions, knocking through rooms, fitting solar panels, having the attic converted and adding an extra bedroom are all finding favour with homeowners at the moment.

Home insurance spokesman Matt Sanders said: “When planning a major renovation project, one of the first things you should do is to review your buildings and contents insurance to make sure that you have adequate cover both during and after the work has been completed … After completion of the work, you may need to increase your sum insured to reflect any increase in the rebuilding costs of your property and any increase in the value of your possessions.”

It might be worth thinking about which home improvements would add the most value to your house and also increase its resale potential when considering renovations. An attic conversion will always add value, while new bathrooms and kitchens are desirable for prospective buyers as well. Doing up the garden can also help your house make a good first impression – absolutely vital if you do want to sell up and move on.


Top Interior Design Tips For New-Build Homes

When you buy a new-build property, one of the joys is that you can move in without having to worry about doing extensive redecoration.

However, while the magnolia walls may not need to be repainted, an entire home that’s painted in this neutral colour can feel very bland and devoid of personality – but some homeowners can find the idea of slapping colour on the walls or introducing quirky design features a bit daunting.

Professionals at interior design firm Alexander James have been offering a bit of advice to those who are struggling to know where to begin.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, creative director at the firm Stacey Sibley provided a number of examples to highlight how small touches can make a difference.

In an apartment in London, the designers opted for a grey feature wall and abstract art to draw focus and help highlight the high ceilings in this particular property. A well-positioned contemporary lamp helped finish the modern look.

Putting photos and artwork on the walls is a great way to bring some personality to a space, and one that the designers have used in various properties, she noted.

Adding a pop of colour in the form of cushions, curtains or even a feature wall can be a nice way of brightening a space up without going over the top.

The Pantone Fashion Colour Report Spring 2017 highlighted a number of shades of green and blue as top trends this year, while primrose yellow, a deep orange and a vibrant pink were also picked out as popular hues this year.

If you’re not sure whether your painting skills are up to the job, you can always hire painters in Cardiff to help give your home a makeover and put your own stamp on it.

Urban Outfitters redecorating

Interior Design In Cardiff: Our Urban Outfitters Refit & Refurb

Here at Weston Decorators, we don’t just do residential interior design in Cardiff – we also do an awful lot of work on commercial premises as well. Take our recent refit and refurbishment of American clothing giant Urban Outfitters, which recently opened a new store in the city as a great example!

We worked on redecorating the inside of one of the oldest department stores in the whole of Cardiff, the listed building in The Hayes formerly known as David Morgan. It’s an absolutely stunning space, with incredible architectural features and huge windows so working on the site was an absolute joy – and you can see some of the pictures on our Weston Painting Contractors website to see what we got up to on the job.

The brief was to create a beautiful industrial and retro-themed space for the company to house the very latest in fashion and household products, and from looking at the pictures you can see just how appealing the space must now be to shoppers.

An extensive lighting system was installed, which you can see from the images, while the store interiors were designed and decorated using all sorts of stunning bright and vibrant colours, working well in harmony with the natural surroundings. All decorating installation and painting was carried out by us.

We used an airless spraying technique to paint some of the bigger areas of the shop, base coating the ceilings and decorative plaster beams, and also sprayed the steel structures with intumescent fireproof coatings. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.

Cobalt Blue and White Grunge Textured Chevron Background

How To Mix Patterns When Decorating

Deciding on what you want your painters and decorators in Cardiff to do to your house or office is a big decision and not one that should be entered into lightly. Taking the time to think about what you want is certainly advisable – and in doing so, you’ll probably find that you’re a bit braver with your design choices in the end.

People often shy away from mixing patterns when doing up their properties because they don’t want to get it wrong. And, as we all know, décor mistakes can prove costly in the long run – so preparation is most certainly key.

Your first step should be to decide on your own personal style, whether you like florals, geometric patterns or would prefer some sort of animal motif on your walls and home furnishings. With florals, you’ll probably find it easiest to pair these with stripes or polka dots in complimentary colours, while something like a zigzag pattern would work really well with circular shapes and stripes.

If you are trying to go for two clashing patterns, what is important is to have something to tie them in together – and the easiest and quickest way of doing this is by choosing a single unifying colour. Matching colours and not prints is certainly a good rule of thumb!

To get you started, pick out your favourite pattern and decorate 60 per cent of the room in it, then 30 per cent with your second favourite pattern and ten per cent with your third as an accent in the room. Bring in solid blocks of colour on the floor or the furniture.

paint tins and brushes

How 8 Women Inspired 8 Different Kind Interiors

Deciding on a theme or style for your living space can be really difficult, especially if you’re not a professional interior designer. Successfully blending good design, practicality and functionality can be tricky – so looking to the experts for a few ideas is generally considered a wise move.

If you’re struggling, why don’t you check out one or all of the latest design projects to have come out of high end brand Lago’s studio most recently? The company had a stand set up during Milan Design Week, with eight different interiors on display inspired by eight different women, with kindness a primary theme.

Ballet dancer Carla Fracci was one of the women who proved to be a muse for Lago, with her interior featuring the key concepts of elegance, purity and nobility. A lot of white was used in the space, with lots of mirrors included to help instil a feeling of radiance and ethereality.

The space designed in collaboration with Italian writer Chiara Gamberale, meanwhile, makes books the focus, with lots of floating bookshelves included in the room, a calming grey and pastel palette, and large round statement mirrors to create a really stunning living space.

When deciding on a look and design for a room, it’s vital you think about how the space is going to be used as this will naturally inform the decisions you have to make. But by the same token, you should always strive to ensure the room reflects your personality and interests as well – so do take the time to really think about it before spending any money.

Do you need ceramic tiling services in Cardiff? Give us a call today.